Peggy Polias

Peggy Polias
Peggy Polias

Peggy Polias – Composer

Peggy Polias is a composer and music typesetter based in Sydney.  Polias prepares scores, instrumental parts and other print music materials for some of Australia’s leading composers.  In 2010 she graduated with a Master of Music (Composition), supervised by Professor Anne Boyd at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

In 2011, Polias participated in the Halcyon First Stones project and the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra Composer Workshops.  After having a baby in early 2013, Polias has resumed composing in 2014.  She continues to explore the influences of Javanese Gamelan, minimalism, feminism, fractals and handicrafts in her music.


Kammerklang Art:

1420018867_internt_web_technology-09-128  The Moon (chamber orchestra, 2009) – Kammerklang 2009

Electro Fractal Gamelan (vibraphone & electronics, 2012)Kammerklang Ablaze

Phlogiston (flute, clarinet, string quartet, 2014)Kammerklang Ablaze

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