Lucy Kong

Lucy Kong

Lucy Kong – Composer

Lucy Kong (nee Yeoman) was born in Sydney and began her foray into the composing world at age eight, after encouragement from her piano school.  Her love of composition led her to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she developed a keen interest in electroacoustic composition.  She successfully completed her Bachelor of Music (Composition) with 1st Class Honours in 2010.

Since graduating she has been working as a song writer for the Japanese production company HΛL, a company responsible for writing and producing some of Japan’s biggest selling records, as well as arranging and composing piano music for Post-Black Metal/Electronic band Germ.  Kaleidoscope is her first art piece since Kammerklang Vox in 2010.


Kammerklang Art:

1420018867_internt_web_technology-09-128  Vitality’s Circuit Grind (electronics, 2010) – Kammerklang Vox, Kammerklang Ablaze

Kaleidoscope (electronics, 2014)Kammerklang Ablaze

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