Presenting: Dream

We’re very proud to present Kammerklang’s 2017 Summer album release: Dream by Cameron Lam, our third for the year.

002-17-1911_dream artwork_CD Dream by Cameron Lam – Available on Bandcamp now

The Project:

Dream is a triptych of songs all inspired by fantasy.

Author and dancer Lou Poletti’s draconic pub ballad ‘De Kio Yami’, has been sitting on my desk to set to music for five years – it a joy to finally bring her dragon bard, Altia, to life.

Charlotte Mew’s ‘I So Liked the Spring’ reflects on the whimsy, heartache and nostalgia of love now lost, as well as the ability to carry on ‘as the thrushes do…’

Finally Dream’s Epilogue began life as an exercise to banish ‘composer’s block’. An old habit was to grab my complete works of Shakespeare and pick random text to set. Maybe Shakespeare mocks me here in his epilogue to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘and this weak and idle theme’. Perhaps it’s only fitting this song is one I chose to sing myself.

So this is my musical offering; to characters seeking life, to spurned lovers needing solace, to struggling creators wanting a break, ultimately to dreams.

The Team:

Composer: Cameron Lam

Soprano: Amelia Golding
Josephine Allan
Classical Guitar: Josinaldo Costa

Sound Engineer: Jayson McBride

Cover Art: Luke Moseley

About Cameron:


Cameron Lam (b.1989) is a freelance composer, the Artistic Director of Kammerklang, – a Sydney-based music and art production company – and the Art Music Specialist at APRA AMCOS.

He has had the pleasure of writing for many of Australia’s leading musicians such as acclaimed percussionist Claire Edwardes (The Colour of Woods), contemporary vocal ensemble Halcyon (Orphic Hymn No. 9: Selene), the internationally renowned Nexas Saxophone Quartet (Interweave), and YouTuber and EWI-ist Peter Smith aka Soundole VGM Covers (Cybermemories: Music for EWI).

As described by Limelight Magazine, Cameron’s music is ‘a fantastic world in which mythological stories come to life.’ This element of myth infuses notable works such as Australia’s first EWI concerto, Electric Phoenix (for Peter Smith & the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra) and the first contrabass clarinet concerto with wind symphony, Yggdrasil: The World Tree (for Sue Newsome & the Sydney Conservatorium Wind Symphony).

Cameron is proud to be Fine Music 102.5FM’s Stephen Kruger Scholar for 2018, which will see him complete and record, The Art of Disappearing, a song cycle for mezzo soprano and string quartet based on the poetry of Australian author, Sarah Holland-Batt.


Our Performers:

Amelia Golding – Soprano


Josephine Allan – Piano


Josinaldo Costa – Classical Guitar


About Kammerklang:

Kammerklang (German for “Chamber sound”) is an Australian arts company specialising in the collaboration of music and other artforms, literally focusing on the fusion of sound and the “chamber” or space it’s performed in. Whether that space includes dancers, paintings, video projection, sculpture or circus performers depends on the project and nature of the works featured. The aim of Kammerklang is to present and promote new artistic creation that is inquisitive, detailed and accessible while still fostering exploration and communication between the arts. Featuring guest artists from all fields, a large chamber orchestra, and numerous young talented composers and artists, Kammerklang is “Sounds Made Real”.

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