Presenting: ElectroBloom

We’re very proud to present Kammerklang’s 2017 Spring album release: the debut album of Lucy Kong, Electrobloom.

The Project:

Artboard 1BandcampElectroBloom is a coming-of-age story. A fusion of piano, electroacoustic, minimalism, spoken word, and pop, this album chronicles the personal and creative journey of my twenties.

In school and university life is simple: you have clear direction and purpose, weakly bound by a set of simple personal and academic goals. By the time you reach university, you have gotten used to being guided so seamlessly from stage to stage—by mother, teacher, lecturer—that you fail to realise you have been shielded from the difficulties and disappointments of reality. You are safe in your student bubble, and from within the world appears full of promise.

But what happens after the bubble bursts and suddenly you are thrust into cold air? How soon before the little cracks begin to show and open up beneath you?

Accepting that the only control you have over this world is your attitude can free you from the disappointment of disillusionment that chokes true creativity. Accepting this has led me to a place where I can compose freely without fear of criticism.

ElectroBloom by Lucy Kong – Available now on Bandcamp

The Team:

Composer: Lucy Kong

Poetry: Vanessa Voyez, Lucy Kong

Violin: Julia Lim
Cello: Carmen Teixeira
Vocals, Piano Programming: Lucy Kong

Sound Engineer: Lucy Kong
Mastering: Jay Janus
Executive Producer: Cameron Lam

Cover Art: Robyn Yeoman
Graphic Design: Luke Adrian Moseley
Video Editor: Brendan Jones

About Lucy:

Lucy Kong 2016

Lucy Kong (nee Yeoman b. 1988) is a composer, producer and singer/songwriter based in Sydney. Her interest in composition from a young age grew through her school years and led her to study a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2006. After four years of study and three scholarships, she graduated with 1st Class Honours. A chance encounter during her final semester of study saw her connect with Japanese Pop producer HΛL, who had a hand in producing some of Japan’s biggest selling records in the early 2000s. Since 2011 she has worked as a song writer for his company. Her present work schedule includes writing new J-Pop and occasionally K-Pop songs for a variety of established and up and coming artists.

In addition to J-Pop production, Lucy has experience writing music for film, most notably having composed a score during 2016 for a short animated film being directed by Barry Cook (Mulan, Arthur Christmas, Walking With Dinosaurs) in conjunction with the Jesus Film Project in Florida, United States. She has also collaborated with Australian Post Black Metal/Electronic band Germ, composing piano for the albums ‘Loss’ and ‘Grief’ and more recently has branched out into the video game industry, contributing music for Sydney based independent game company Black Gull Studios as well as Creative Intelligence Arts in Japan. Through all this she continues to maintain her keen interest in art music, being a featured composer for Cameron Lam’s Kammerklang Vox and Ablaze concerts (2010, 2014) and releasing her first solo Kammerklang album ‘ElectroBloom’ in 2017.

About Kammerklang:

002-17_Kammerklang_C-01Kammerklang (German for “Chamber sound”) is an Australian arts company specialising in the collaboration of music and other artforms, literally focusing on the fusion of sound and the “chamber” or space it’s performed in. Whether that space includes dancers, paintings, video projection, sculpture or circus performers depends on the project and nature of the works featured. The aim of Kammerklang is to present and promote new artistic creation that is inquisitive, detailed and accessible while still fostering exploration and communication between the arts. Featuring guest artists from all fields, a large chamber orchestra, and numerous young talented composers and artists, Kammerklang is “Sounds Made Real”.

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