Presenting: Kammerklang BETA

Kammerklang: BETA

Featuring music from Symbology (2010) and Ablaze (2014)

Very proud to announce the release of our latest digital album, Kammerklang: BETA featuring works by Peggy Polias, Chris Williams, Sarah Myerson, Sam Gillespie, Lucy Kong, Marcus Whale and myself.

Drawn from our previous projects, Symbology (2010) and Kammerklang Ablaze (2014) the album features Nexas Saxophone Quartet as well as the Kammerklang Chamber Orchestra with Kaylie Dunstan (pictured), Peter Smith, Jane Bishop and Rory Brown as soloists. All tracks have been recorded by sound engineer, Jayson McBride.

Click through to have a listen to BETA! Kammerklang: ALPHA will be transferred over to the new site in the coming months, but in the meantime can be viewed and purchased here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming releases including score publications, more digital albums, poster art and videos.


-Cameron Lam
Artistic Director

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